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Ph.D. in Biomedical Engineering and Biophysics

On February the 5th at FCUL, at 2:30PM, Ricardo Capote will present his Ph.D. thesis entitled "Single Photon Emission Mammography with Convergent Collimators". This work has been carried at IBEB under the supervision of Professor Pedro Almeida (Dep. Physics/IBEB).On February the 5th at FCUL, Ricardo...

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Seminar by Isabel Trindade about Smart Textils

Next Tuesday, 19th of January, we will have a new seminar at IBEB. Our guest speaker will be Doctor Isabel Trindade, from FibEnTech, Universidade da Beira Interior, and the title of the seminar will be "Smart Textiles for Biomedical Applications". The seminar will take place at...

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Poster PSMR 2016

PSMR 2016

Almost 200 scientists from all over the world from the fields of PET/MR and SPECT/MR hybrid systems, but also PET, SPECT and MR, are expected to meet at the PSMR2016 - 5th Conference on “PET/MR and SPECT/MR”. This is the fifth edition of an already...

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Catarina Almeida Master Thesis Presentation

Tomorrow, 16th of December, Catarina Almeida will present her Master Thesis at IBEB's Seminars room. The thesis title is "Development of membrane based detection of Candida Albicans". The presentation is public and will take place at 2PM....

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Phd thesis

At 10:30 in room 6.2.56, João Rodrigues will present his Phd thesis, entitled "New methodologies for directed functional connectivity applied to brain neuroimaging research"...

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