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FCT Scholarships 2016

IBEB welcomes research proposals for Ph.D. and Post-Doc projects in its areas of work (ibeb.ciencias.ulisboa.pt), which may lead to a successful financing from FCT. ...

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20th International Conference Information Visualisation

The 20th International Conference Information Visualisation will take place in 19 - 22 July 2016 at Universidade NOVA de Lisboa ● Lisbon ● Portugal ● http://www.graphicslink.co.uk/IV2016/ Important dates: 22 June 2016 - Submission of Poster 22 June 2016 - Submission of Abstract for Doctoral Research Workshop Associated Events: Medivis2016 - BioMedical Visualization vis2016 -...

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Scholarship for Graduated Student – DRIM-PET Project

On the 6th of June we will open a call for a scholarship for a graduated student in Biomedical Engineering. The research work will take place at IBEB, under the supervision of Professor Pedro Almeida and in the context of the research project funded by...

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Colégio Ménte Cérebro

Mind-Brain Lectures

The next session of the "Mind-Brain Lectures" will occur at May 30, 16h, in Faculdade de Medicina (Anf. David Ferreira - Edifício Egas Moniz da FMUL Prof. Leach is one of the world main figures in the field of genetics applied to psychiatry. His work combines...

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Student’s Application open for the NeurULisboa PhD Program

Student's Application is now open for the PhD Program in Integrative Neuroscience of the University of Lisbon (NeurULisboa). More information at the program's website http://www.neurulisboa-phd.com/index.php...

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Mind-Brain Lectures at FCUL

The next session of the "Mind-Brain Lectures" will occur at April 18, 16h (room 1.3.23), in Faculdade de Ciências. Prof. Leonel Garcia-Marques will present his recent work in the social cognition field, namely how the social information is represented in memory....

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Seminar on Interactive 3D Visualization

Tomorrow, 6th of April , we will have a seminar given by the researcher Daniel Lopes from the VIMMI / INESC group. The title of the seminar will "Interactive 3D Visualization - Biomedical Applications" and seminar will take place at 12pm in room 8.2.39. More information...

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