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With the general aim of better understanding the human nervous system, neuroscience remains one of the most challenging areas in biomedical research with a scope that ranges from the molecule, to single neuron excitability, towards integrated neuronal network function and disability in mental disorders. The ultimate goal of NeurULisboa is to train highly qualified professionals in neuroscience who will match the increasing demand in the field for multidisciplinary approaches and cutting edge technological developments.

NeurULisboa takes place within 6 leading Portuguese Institutions of basic and clinical research in neuroscience, as well as technically oriented groups ideally suited to provide them with sophisticated research tools. The supervisory board behind NeurULisboa is comprised of academic/research professionals working in biological, medical and pharmaceutical sciences or in engineering schools.

From lab bench to bedside, NeurULisboa exposes PhD students to a privileged environment while favoring international and cross-organisational mobility. A flexible and dynamic interdisciplinary formation will be provided, to prepare professionals for a broad range of career paths in academia, science and health care (e.g., as biotech entrepreneurs).