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Financed projects

03 Jun Intranasal oxytocin for social psychopathology: mechanisms of action and predictive biomarkers using neuroimaging, genetics and artificial intelligence.

Mental illness is by far the largest contributor to chronic illness in Europe, entailing half of all social welfare expenditure (WHO, 2008). However, neuropsychiatry lags behind other fields of medicine, both in the understanding of disease mechanisms and in the prediction of treatment response. This...

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03 Jun Synaptic networks and Personalized Medicine Approaches to Understand Neurobehavioural Diseases Across the Lifespan

Over a third of the European population suffers from brain diseases, with estimated yearly costs of about 800 billion euros, 35% of Europe?s total disease burden (DiLuca & Olesen, 2014). Synaptic networks are a key diagnostic and/or therapeutic target in the vast majority of neurobehavioural disorders across...

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03 Jun Tumor Treating Fields (TTF)

The general aim of this project is to investigate the electric field produced in the brain during the application of tumor treating fields for the treatment of Glioblastoma multiforme. The specific aims are 1) To develop analytical and finite element (FE) mesh models describing the distribution...

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05 Jan Distress and regional brain metabolism: a correlational study in metastatic breast cancer patients

Distress screening in cancer patients is internationally recommend as good practice in quality cancer care, since high levels of cancer-related distress may negatively impact on their clinical outcomes, such as survival and quality of life. Distress involves a range of feelings from vulnerability and sadness to...

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