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Catarina received an integrated BSc+MSc degree in Biophysics and Biomedical Engineering from Faculdade de Ciências da Universidade de Lisboa (FCUL) in January 2020. In 2017, she concluded her bachelor’s research project within the IMPACT (Implantable Microsystems for Personalised Anti-Cancer Therapy) project at the Institute of Sensors, Signals and Systems, Heriot-Watt University, Edinburgh, Scotland, United Kingdom. Her master’s project entitled “Modelling the Head and Neck Region for Microwave Imaging of Cervical Lymph Nodes” (2019) was conducted during an internship at Instituto de Biofísica e Engenharia Biomédica (IBEB), Lisbon, Portugal. From 2020 onward, Catarina has been actively engaged as a researcher at IBEB, specializing in the domain of medical microwave imaging. In October 2020, Catarina was granted a PhD scholarship from IBEB with reference UI/00645/2020. She has authored 2 journal papers and 2 conference papers as the primary author. She has presented her work at other 11 other national conferences/events, 2 international conferences, plus oral presentations at two international meetings. She has also secured funding from competitive European initiatives and research projects such as a Short Term Scientific Mission, Training School funding and funding for an international meeting, all within COST Action CA17115. Additionally, she is also the recipient of 2 awards: Sensors 2022 Travel Award in Intelligent Sensors and Smart Sensing by Sensors MDPI, and the Best PhD work in Innovation, Health Systems and Digital Transformation by Prémios Ulisboa – RedeSAÚDE 2022. In the forthcoming years, her aspirations include advancing breast cancer microwave imaging technology, and contributing to the transformative impact of engineering on people’s well-being and health.


Publicações em revistas

Ana Catarina Pelicano, Maria C.T. Gonçalves, Daniela M. Godinho, Tiago Castela, M. Lurdes Orvalho, Nuno A.M. Araújo, Emily Porter, Raquel C. Conceição (2021) Development of 3d mri-based anatomically realistic models of breast tissues and tumours for microwave imaging diagnosis, Sensors 21(24), p. 8265, MDPI, doi:10.3390/s21248265

Ana Catarina Pelicano, Raquel C. Conceição (2020) Development of a 3d anthropomorphic phantom generator for microwave imaging applications of the head and neck region, Sensors (Switzerland) 20(7), p. 2029, MDPI, doi:10.3390/s20072029

Publicações em conferências

Ana Catarina Pelicano, Nuno A.M. Araujo, Raquel C. Conceicao (2022) Preliminary development of anatomically realistic breast tumor models for microwave imaging, 2022 16th European Conference on Antennas and Propagation, EuCAP 2022, doi:10.23919/eucap53622.2022.9769591

Ana Catarina Pelicano, Raquel C. Conceicao (2020) Head and Neck Numerical Phantom Development for Cervical Lymph Node Microwave Imaging, 14th European Conference on Antennas and Propagation, EuCAP 2020, doi:10.23919/EuCAP48036.2020.9135898

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