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Seminar by Professor Dan Nicolau (26/3/2018, 11:00)


Next Monday, 26th of March, we will have a seminar given by Professor Dan Nicolau from McGill University, Montreal Canada.  The seminar’s title will be “Computing with Biological Agents” and will take place at IBEB’s seminar room at 11AM

Short bio:

Prof. Dan Nicolau is the founding Chair of McGill’s Department of Bioengineering at the Faculty of Engineering. He has degrees in Chemical Engineering (PhD, MEng) and in Statistics, Cybernetics & Information Technology (MSc). His research covered polymer physico-chemistry, surface science and engineering, micro- and nanofabrication for semiconductor and biomedical devices, process modeling and control, protein adsorption, and recently biomimetics.

His research interests are currently focusing on three themes:
Biomimetics, from nano- or micro-structured surfaces mimicking Nature’s technical solutions that efficiently control the wetting, to intelligent-like algorithms used by microorganisms for space and nutrient searching, essential for survival and growth;
Micro- and nano-fluidics devices, from lab-on-a-chip devices, to dynamic nano-devices based on protein molecular motors, for drug discovery, diagnostics and biocomputation;
Fundamentals of the interactions of proteins and DNA with surfaces, which are either flat or micro/nano-structured, fabricated via classical microlithography, or via micro-ablation, for applications in biomedical microdevices and biomaterials.