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Grisel Margarita Mora Paula (G. Mora) obtained a BSc in Physics from Belarusian State University (BGU). After that she enrolled in research activities in novel methods for ionizing radiation measurements in the Nuclear Physics Department of BGU under supervision of Anna Zaitseva Maksimovna. She received a MSc degree in Physics and Matematics from the BGU.
She was assistant professor of Physics Department of “Instituto Superior Politécnico José Antonio Echeverría” (ISPJAE) in Havana during two years.
Since 1992 she was a researcher of Nuclear Center Physics of “Universidade de Lisboa” and conducted research studies in applications of ionization radiation for medicine under supervision of Prof Amelia Maio. She enrolled in the first Master Degree Course in Biophysics of the “Universidade de Lisboa” and initiated collaboration with the “Instituto Portugues Oncologia” in Lisbon to perform termoluminescense dosimetry studies for radiotherapy. She received her Master degree on Biophysics (Medical Physics specialty) in 1995 from the “Faculdade de Ciencias da Universidade de Lisboa”.
Further doctoral studies in the field of Medical Physics were conducted at department of Radiation Standards of National Research Council of Canada and Department of Radiation Oncology of Stanford University, USA.
At NRC, she simulated the Cobalt 60 radiotherapy Unit under supervision of Prof. Dave Rogers. Using Monte Carlo (MC) and ionization chambers techniques, the standard Co-60 spectrum was determined. The spectrum is still using in the metrology primary and secondary labs around the word.
At Stanford University, she simulated (MC) the Varian Clinical accelerator and studied the use of CT image for the MC Treatment Planning for radiotherapy under supervision of Prof Charlie Ma.
She obtained her PhD degree in Physics from the “Faculdade de Ciencias da Universidade de Lisboa” in 2002 and received a Fulbright Award for postdoc studies and clinical residency at Department of Radiation Oncology, Fox Chase Cancer Center of Philadelphia under supervision of Prof. Charlie Ma.
She currently is an associate researcher affiliated with the Instituto de Biofísica e Engenharia Biomédica, Faculdade de Ciências, Universidade de Lisboa (Institute of Biophysics and Biomedical Engineering, Faculty of Science, University of Lisbon, IBEB-FCUL), Portugal.
More recently she has worked on the Monte Carlo and dosimetry studies of a novel design of Co-60 based rotational therapy machines for radiosurgery and radiotherapy (SRS/SBRT).
Other research interesses include the validation and optimization methods for the implementation of advanced radiotheray techniques using MC methods and dosimetry techniques.